Underwater Whisperer

by Masako

Just released on June 21, 2019!


Piano Sanctuary

by Masako

Nominated for:

“Album of the Year 2017”
Whisperings Solo Piano

“Best Solo Piano Album 2017”
One World Music

“Best Piano Album (Solo) 2017”
Zone Music Reporter

“From the first note I heard from Masako in 2011, I knew we were experiencing a musician we would be moved and inspired by. Over three CDs she has grown as a composer and player who never ceases to enthrall and amaze us. With her latest release, Piano Sanctuary, we are hearing the ongoing evolution of one of the most exciting and talented pianists in the Contemporary Instrumental and New Age genres.”

- Will Ackerman, Founder of WIndham Hill Records


Call of the Mountains

by Masako

Winner of "ZMR BEST PIANO (SOLO) OF 2014" Award

“Just what the Solo Piano genre needed; here we have an album jam packed to the top with total class and creativity, an album superbly produced by Ackerman and Eaton to such a fine album that will move you, bring you peace and liberate album that I would personally recommend for you to place in your musical collection.”

- Steve Sheppard, One World Music



by Masako

Winner of "ZMR BEST NEW ARTIST OF 2013" Award.

“Listening to "Green Mountains & Beyond" is a truly inspiring experience. A rare and unique combination of a deep, quiet, winter-like serenity, and the innocence of a spring-filled joyful enthusiasm.....A wonderful and unusual work that can definitely be listened to many times in a row!”

- Liz Story, Pianist & Composer, Multiple Grammy Award Nominee