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All Compositions by Masako

Produced by Will Ackerman

In Japan I had a restaurant gig for a while in the 80s where people would often request tunes from George Winston's "Autumn." I was fascinated by how brilliantly this album was put together. Never did I imagine that someday I would move to the United States, record my own CD, and do so with Will Ackerman, the very person who produced that album! he sort of music Will played himself and created along with other innovators such as Michael Hedges, Liz Story, Philip Aaberg, Shadowfax, to name a few, were etched into our collective hearts and minds, and its spirit is certainly very alive today. It is my wish to be part of this wonderful tradition and hopefully to be able to add something of my own to it. 

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1. Glasternbury, VT

In the Green Mountain of Vermont, which is now my chosen home, is the ghost town of Glastenbury. I hope my song captures the mystery of this place from which people have vanished and Bighfoot has been sighted. 

2. Spring Snow

There's Vermont joke that goes, "You know the four seasons: winter, still winter, almost winter, and constructions." Shoveling snow in March is not all that bad, knowing that spring is just around the corner... Well, maybe around two corners.

3. Secret Path to Point Reyes (Part 1)

Point Reyes is a picturesque, rugged cape on the Pacific coast of northern California. Until couple of years ago, my family and I were moving back and forth between the west and the east coasts of the U.S. on a regular basis. When I was on the west coast, I felt like moving back to the east coast. While living on the east coast, I would miss the west coast. Strange. 

4. Secret Path to Point Reyes (Part 2)

The word "ocean" evokes in me an image of the Pacific Ocean where it remains light long after sunset. It's probably because my memory of the ocean goes all the way back to my childhood on a beach in Japan. I'd keep playing thee till after the sun has gone down.

5. Ottauquechee River

One of my favorite rivers in Vermont, its covered bridges and nearby houses were swept away by hurricane Irene in the summer of 2011. Thanks to the dedication and efforts of many, the river and its surroundings are now gradually begin restored. 

6. Amazing Newt

Walking on a Vermont trail, I'd often meet brightly-colored tiny newts. The unique patterns on these amphibians always remind me of kabuki actors in Japan.

7. A Tale of Lonely Otter

In Vermont, plants and animals seem to have more presence than humans. I constantly come across various critters including moose and bears. These days, I's beginning to feel like I'm one of them.

8. Remembrance (Part 1)

For a number of memories, I inevitably have the sense of regret. With the passage of time, though, each memory will acquire a life of its own. I find myself appreciating such memories as though they were pieces of painting.

9. Remembrance (Part 2)

Will suggested a piano overdub for this project, which I tried on this tune. While this Part 2 retains some of the sentimental feelings from Part 1, Jeff Haynes' percussion and Charlie Bisharat's violin wonderfully add some vigor. 

10. Moon and Stream

A tune I completed more than fifteen years ago. I just added the introduction and the ending with a different feel. Because the piece was conceived long time ago, I just could not think of a title. Then one of my family members came up with one with no effort. Such is life...

11. Greening

Green is one of my favorite colors. Living in Vermont, I'm often moved by all the different shades of green. After the long winter, more and more green will fill up the space. This is the best season for most of Vermonters.

12. Forgotten Moments

This is a simple song with only two chords. Thanks to Jill Haley's beautiful English horn, this piece has gained real depth.

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